Mycarematters Care Home Package


To help you make best use of Mycarematters (read more below), we offer a complete package incorporating branded/personalised display options, training, leaflets, staff and family posters plus email / phone support.

We are currently offering a free licence to use the online platform for care homes when combined with any of our display options – see Related Products below.

The price varies according to options selected and quantity required. Please email for further details.



What is Mycarematters?

Mycarematters is an online platform where a person, or a carer / care home on their behalf, can upload the information they want healthcare professionals to know if they are admitted to hospital and are unable to communicate.

It is free for individuals to create a Mycarematters record, and available under licence for care homes to create records on behalf of all of their residents. We currently encourage people to print out a copy to go with the individual to hospital but it is also possible for the hospital to print it out; all they need is the individual’s name, date of birth and Mycarematters code.

No need to wait for a hospital visit to make use of your residents’ Mycarematters records; we offer a variety of display options  (see Related Products below) for residents’ bedrooms to ensure that everyone interacting with the individual is able to see their Mycarematters record.