Mycarematters Hospital Package


The Mycarematters System is a method of making available to healthcare professionals the non-medical information they need about a person in order to provide person-centred care, to treat the whole person and not just their medical condition.

The Mycarematters System has undergone trials in both community and acute hospitals during 2016/17. Comments like ‘It makes Mum a person again’ from a family member, and from staff: ‘It’s great to have information about the person available at a glance, without having to go through the file’ are typical.

To help you make best use of Mycarematters (see Product Description below), we offer a complete package incorporating branded/personalised display options, inserts, learning, leaflets, staff and patient posters, annual licence and email / phone support.

The intention behind Mycarematters is to enable people to create their record prior to a hospital admission, so their needs and preferences can be available from the minute they are admitted. For those who have not done so or who do not wish / are unable to use the internet, we provide blanks that can be filled in by hand, and displayed in the same way.

The price varies according to options selected and quantity required. Please email us for further details.



Mycarematters is an online platform where a person, or a carer / care home on their behalf, can upload the information they want healthcare professionals to know if they are admitted to hospital and are unable to communicate.

It is free for individuals to create a Mycarematters record (and available under licence to care homes), and as awareness grows it is our intention that patients will already have a Mycarematters record in place when they are admitted to hospital. We currently encourage people to print out a copy, but you also have the option, if they provide you with their Mycarematters code, to go to the Mycarematters website, tap in their name, date of birth and code, and view or download and print out an A4 sheet with their needs and preferences.

We offer a variety of display options to ensure that everyone interacting with the patient is able to access their Mycarematters record.

The Hospital Package includes blank Mycarematters Records, so that those who do not wish to go online can create a record by hand and still reap the benefits of having a Mycarematters record on view.