Mycarematters Twist-N-View Image


The Mycarematters Twist-N-View Image Hanger enables a person’s Mycarematters profile to be available to everyone interacting with the person, and turned to the wall when not needed, to maintain confidentiality.

There is an attractive picture printed on the front, just print out the profile and pop it into the pocket on the reverse.

Special Offer for care homes: These Twist-N-View hangers currently include free use of the online service for one year. Simply place your order below and we’ll send you a coupon to reduce your Mycarematters subscription to £0.

Special Offer for individuals: Purchase a Twist-N-View hanger and we’ll upgrade your free Mycarematters subscription to Family Plus. Simply place your order below and we’ll send you a coupon.

Includes hanger and hook.

See below for further information about Mycarematters.

Prices excluding VAT and delivery

1 – 10 charts: £12.00 per chart
11 – 20 charts: £10.80 per chart
21 – 30 charts: £10.20 per chart
31 – 40 charts: £9.60 per chart
41+ charts: £9.00 per chart



This display option is for use with the Mycarematters System, an online service where a person, or a carer / care home on their behalf, can create a profile of the information they want healthcare professionals to know if they are admitted to hospital and are unable to communicate.

If a person has to undergo a stay in hospital and has created a Mycarematters profile in advance, their needs and preferences can be accessed the minute they arrive on the ward. Their Mycarematters printout can also be used to assist with care in a care home or in their own home.

Create a free Mycarematters profile here. Further information  here for care homes wishing to use Mycarematters.

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