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  • The Transformative Power of Art

    The Transformative Power of Art

    by Emma Harris For the average person, being given the opportunity to create and express themselves might inspire a sense of freedom and productivity; it might also be something we take for granted. For a person struggling with dementia,...
  • Pets as Therapy

    Pets as Therapy

    The idea that pets can play a therapeutic role is not new: the charity Pets as Therapy was founded over 30 years ago and 4,500 dogs and 108 cats now visit over 130,000 people every week. That’s a staggering...
  • The power of music

    The power of music

    Why, Oliver Sacks asks, does music have so much power? In a fascinating article first published in 2006 he suggests this is a question that goes to the heart of being human. We turn to music, he says, because we need...