Month: December 2014

  • The power of music

    The power of music

    Updated January 2020. Why does music have so much power? In a fascinating article the physician, neurologist and author Oliver Sacks, suggested this is a question that goes to the heart of being human. We turn to music, he...
  • Chatterbox Reminiscence Cards

    Chatterbox Reminiscence Cards

    Many Happy Returns Chatterbox cards help older people to share their stories and happy memories. Recommended by The Sunday Times, Saga, leading care homes and families as the perfect Christmas gift, the cards reconnect the generations through easy, fun conversations. They are...
  • Does colour make a difference?

    Does colour make a difference?

    There has been a lot of evidence collected about the benefits of using coloured crockery for people with dementia. What is less clear is whether it is merely a question of improving the contrast between a plate and its...
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