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Care Charts UK is a not-for-profit social enterprise, established to transform ideas into practical solutions that make a tangible difference to the quality of life of all caring staff and those they care for.

Our Remember-I’m-Me Care Charts have won numerous awards and are in use by over 900 care homes throughout the UK, as well as by community, general and acute hospitals. Simple to use and highly cost-effective, Care Charts ensure that information is made consistently and reliably available to all those interacting with an individual, enabling staff to avoid traumatic mistakes and empowering them to build relationships with the people in their care.

Zoe Harris, the founder of Care Charts UK, had no intention of doing anything other than trying to maximise the quality of her husband’s care when she fixed the first Care Chart to the wall of his care home room.

“I started to stick scribbled notes on the wall of his room when I realised that carers couldn’t possibly know about the things that would make a difference to his quality of life. The information was in the care plan but it’s unreasonable to expect carers to remember everything, particularly in those stressful early days. The scribbled notes started to evolve into a series of symbols and prompts next to them, very much like the Care Chart as it is now. The care home saw how helpful it was having the information available at a glance, and agreed to act as a test bed so that we could develop the chart into what is proving to be a useful tool in providing the best possible care.”

There are now thousands of care home residents and increasing numbers of hospital patients benefiting from the idea behind that first wall chart, and Care Charts UK continues to develop products that are intended to aid communication between individuals and their carers.

Care Charts UK won the 2013 GB Care Awards SE region Innovation Award, was a National Finalist in 2014, has been named as one of Nesta / The Observer’s New Radicals for 2014, one of 50 people or projects that are being celebrated for helping to change Britain for the better and was also included in HSJ’s list of Innovators 2014.

Care Charts UK continues to develop tools which help to provide consistently high-quality, dignified and person-centred care for those who are unable to communicate their own needs.


To see the full range of Care Charts and other products, click here.

Remember-I’m-Me Care Charts are now available in the USA. Click here for contact details.



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