Small Standard Care Charts – Trial Pack

Where limited space prevents the full size chart from being used, this reduced sized version (about half the size of our Standard chart) offers the ideal compromise. It operates in exactly the same way with prompts to help families and carers provide appropriate information, symbols to help carers find the information they need at a glance, and a wipe-clean surface to allow notes to be updated as often as required.

This Trial Pack of 6 Care Charts is limited to one per address.

Price excluding VAT and delivery



This is a trial pack of 6 single sided charts. If you wish to take advantage of this offer but require a greater quantity, add this trial pack to your cart and then add further charts here.


Consistency of care: ensure that all who come into contact with a resident / patient are aware of their needs and preferences.

Sharing knowledge:
 information provided by relatives and learned by carers is accessible to every person interacting with the resident.

Spot changes:
 by clearly identifying current needs and preferences it makes it easier to identify behavioural changes and recognise problems like undiagnosed pain more quickly.

Easy to complete:
 suggestions are provided next to each symbol, acting as prompts to carers or relatives as to what information might prove helpful.

Easy to read: The symbols allow carers to find the information they are looking for quickly and easily.

Easy to update:
 just wipe off the information and re-write as often as necessary.


Size: 12″ / 311 mm wide x 17″ / 434 mm long
Material: stiff laminated card

Supplied with:

Pen fixing, velcro tabs so you can choose where is most convenient for you to store the pen.
Dry wipe marker pen. We supply a dry wipe marker pen with each Care Chart. You can also use any other brand of dry wipe marker pen on the chart.
* White tack, reusable adhesive suitable to display the charts on most surfaces such as painted walls or backs of doors.

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