Mycarematters for Care Homes

Pay here for the number of residents for whom you’d like to create a Mycarematters profile and go to www.mycarematters.org to create your account. Then go ahead and create a profile for each resident, and amend / update whenever necessary.

It’s very easy to use, but give us a call on 01403 210485 or email enquiries@carechartsuk.co.uk if you have any queries.

Alternatively, purchasing any of the Display Options shown in Related Products below includes your first year’s fee.

Want to try before you buy? Go ahead and create up to two trial Mycarematters profiles at www.mycarematters org.



Mycarematters is an online platform where a person, or a carer / care home on their behalf, can upload the information they want healthcare professionals to know if they are admitted to hospital and are unable to communicate. So if a person has to undergo a stay in hospital and has created a Mycarematters profile in advance, their needs and preferences can be accessed the minute they arrive on the ward. Their Mycarematters printout can also be used to assist with care in a care home or in their own home.

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