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  • Please Tell Me… a new Life Story book

    Please Tell Me… a new Life Story book

    We are often told that nothing can beat our Care Charts for getting information in front of everyone interacting with a person, but that’s not to say the learning should stop there. Our charts provide a snap-shot, at-a-glance view of a person’s...
  • Oreo, spreading happiness and joy

    Oreo, spreading happiness and joy

    How Therapy Cats Can Bring Countless Joys to Older Adults. St Augustine Health Ministries, a nursing home in Cleveland, Ohio, has a very unusual 4-legged occupant, Oreo the cat. Previously a stray cat, Oreo has become a beloved member...
  • Sport: have we forgotten it?

    Sport: have we forgotten it?

    by Emma Harris We’ve all experienced that feeling when our muscles remember how to do something we thought our minds had forgotten, perhaps riding a bike or swinging a tennis racket. We may assume that an individual with dementia...
  • Chatterbox Reminiscence Cards

    Chatterbox Reminiscence Cards

    Many Happy Returns Chatterbox cards help older people to share their stories and happy memories. Recommended by The Sunday Times, Saga, leading care homes and families as the perfect Christmas gift, the cards reconnect the generations through easy, fun conversations. They are...
  • Flowers of the Month

    You may already have a regular display of flowers for your residents to enjoy either inside or out, but why not make this an opportunity for a fresh topic of conversation; pop out to the local garden centre and find your favourite flowers,...
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