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  • Book Reviews

    Book Reviews

    We continue to add books to this section on an irregular basis. If there is a particular book you would like to see included, let us know at feedback@carechartsuk.co.uk. Dear Life by Rachel Clarke Palliative medicine is Dr Clarke’s...
  • The Transformative Power of Art

    The Transformative Power of Art

    by Emma Harris For the average person, being given the opportunity to create and express themselves might inspire a sense of freedom and productivity; it might also be something we take for granted. For a person struggling with dementia,...
  • Founder’s story published in HSJ

    Founder’s story published in HSJ

    Having been named as one of the Health Service Journal’s Innovators in 2014, Care Charts UK founder Zoe Harris was invited by the HSJ to tell the story of how the first care chart came into being.  
  • Pets as Therapy

    Pets as Therapy

    The idea that pets can play a therapeutic role is not new: the charity Pets as Therapy was founded over 30 years ago and 4,500 dogs and 108 cats now visit over 130,000 people every week. That’s a staggering...
  • The power of music

    The power of music

    Updated January 2020. Why does music have so much power? In a fascinating article the physician, neurologist and author Oliver Sacks, suggested this is a question that goes to the heart of being human. We turn to music, he...
  • The use of dolls in dementia care, effective therapy or insultingly patronising?

    Gary Mitchell RN describes how he overcame his initial reluctance to see the potential benefits of using dolls as ‘an anchor in an ever-changing sea of uncertainty’ for some individuals with advanced dementia. In this blog, Gary offers some advice on...
  • Getting to know each other

    We’re always going on about the importance of needing to know about a resident’s needs and preferences, but what about your staff? Might they like to share what they like and dislike, and might they learn something from the exercise as well? Encourage your staff to...
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