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  • Sport: have we forgotten it?

    Sport: have we forgotten it?

    by Emma Harris We’ve all experienced that feeling when our muscles remember how to do something we thought our minds had forgotten, perhaps riding a bike or swinging a tennis racket. We may assume that an individual with dementia...
  • The Transformative Power of Art

    The Transformative Power of Art

    by Emma Harris For the average person, being given the opportunity to create and express themselves might inspire a sense of freedom and productivity; it might also be something we take for granted. For a person struggling with dementia,...
  • Sight is precious

    Sight is precious

    Jim took a lot of falls in 2012. His eyesight, dementia and arthritis were all conspiring against him. He’d wake up in the morning, forget he could not walk and think the lights had all been turned off. We...
  • Flowers of the Month

    You may already have a regular display of flowers for your residents to enjoy either inside or out, but why not make this an opportunity for a fresh topic of conversation; pop out to the local garden centre and find your favourite flowers,...
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