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  • Care Homes can now join John’s Campaign

    Care Homes can now join John’s Campaign

    Why should care homes join John’s Campaign? by Julia Jones, co-founder of John’s Campaign It’s a perfectly reasonable question – John’s Campaign started as a campaign for carer access to people with dementia in the acute hospital sector. My...
  • Book Reviews

    Book Reviews

    We continue to add books to this section on a regular basis. If there is a particular book you would like to see included, let us know at feedback@carechartsuk.co.uk. Watching the Leaves Dance by Graham Stokes As Keith Oliver...
  • Getting to know each other

    We’re always going on about the importance of needing to know about a resident’s needs and preferences, but what about your staff? Might they like to share what they like and dislike, and might they learn something from the exercise as well? Encourage your staff to...
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